Extracurricular Activities

Agora Patufet Infant School extracurricular activities have been designed for the development and enjoyment of the little ones: music, dance, pastry, theater… a universe of activities to grow and discover new skills. Ask us for more information!

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With the extracurricular activities at Agora Patufet Infant School, the little ones’ fun is guaranteed! We offer a world of possibilities thanks to our wide range of activities in which pupils will increase their self-esteem and develop their passions.

Taking part in extracurricular activities from a young age stimulates the development of new skills and is good for the insatiable energy of children. These activities are a great opportunity for them to learn while they play, have fun, and build relationships with their classmates. It also helps them to learn values such as respect, tolerance, acceptance of other points of view, etc.

The wide range of extracurricular activities which the pupils at Agora Patufet can enjoy support their all-round development: art in English, Chinese, cooking and healthy food habits (EducaChef), lego creative space, Patufet gym, classical and creative dance, English, piano and Theatre.

Through our extracurricular activities, they’ll discover a world of possibilities and fun!

See our full extracurricular activities programme here!

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