Letter from the Headmaster

Agora Patufet Infant School educates us, moves us, and prepares us for the real world. It gives us the possibility to help our pupils understand that learning is an art, an experience, and a window to the world. We help them to become familiar with other languages and other cultures, and enrich them at the same time. They are small capable beings, with the possibility to change what they see.

We educate by providing a foundation in values and learning, to ensure our pupils’ affective, emotional, critical, and creative development.

Above all, the pupils must develop and achieve a vision of the future with enthusiasm and optimism. Our work also involves evaluating and enhancing their intellectual and emotional abilities.

Education is an art and a privilege we give our pupils to help them learn about the modern world we live in, one that only they can change. The main objective of education is to give people the ability to do new things, and not to simply repeat what other generations have done. Education transmits knowledge, values, words, actions, feelings, which are embodied in a series of skills and values, and produce intellectual, emotional, and social changes. Education begins at an early age, and is continuous; education doesn’t take place just in childhood or adolescence, it lasts a lifetime. Nothing is learnt without emotion or feeling. That’s why the school is something which every human being develops inside them, and which makes us more human.

Vicenç Gandol,

Headmaster of Agora Patufet Infant School

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