English Language Immersion

At Agora Patufet Infant School the children learn languages through play, as they would in their mother tongue, with trilingual teachers and English, Catalan, and Spanish as vehicular languages. Through play, songs, and art activities, the children experience natural and effortless English language immersion and develop a positive attitude towards different languages and cultures. From the age of 4 onwards they can start learning Mandarin Chinese which, as a result of its special structure, encourages the children’s cognitive development.

Numerous studies confirm that English language immersion at an early age offers numerous benefits, improving communicative competence and the development of cognitive functions on both an academic and personal level, and supporting the learning of other languages. In addition, English language immersion awakens in them a sociocultural interest in the language they are studying, bringing them closer to the language in experience and not just academically. Through English language immersion, the children acquire a truly useful tool for understanding and facing new challenges in the future, and start to feel like citizens of the globalised world we live in.

Through English language immersion, and learning Mandarin Chinese from the age of 4 onwards, the pupils at Agora Patufet Infant School have the opportunity to get to know other cultures. We start this with them from a young age when, due to its plasticity, the brain is particularly prepared to adapt to learning new things, offering them personal, cognitive, and social advantages which will benefit them throughout their development:

Development of Cognitives Skills

When a child learns a new language, his or her cognitive development is stimulated, leading to new ideas and new knowledge. In addition, studying more than one foreign language simultaneously improves creativity and flexibility.


Communicative Development

Beginning English from an early age enables children to develop pronunciation and intonation which is similar to that of a native speaker of the language. In addition, there are benefits for memory and listening skills, facilitating the study of new languages.


Personal Development

Thanks to the English language immersion, the children acquire skills which help them to be prepared for the future, laying the foundations to become true citizens of the world.


Global Development

Learning a second language broadens the child’s perspective, as well as their reasoning. This is an age at which they are free to explore the richness of values and their perception of the world.


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