Psychomotor Development

Children’s psychomotor development during their first few years of life is essential for them to make the right progress in cognitive, linguistic, and social development, since children learn about and explore the world which surrounds them in a sensory way: children love to look, take, touch… in short, experiment! Psychomotor development achieves the development of motor functions, of movement and action, as well as psychological functions, between which there is a close parallel. Through psychomotor activities, the children acquire understanding of space, time, their bodies, objects, situations, etc. and they develop their abilities. This is a fundamental stage in which the children discover, learn, explore, evaluate, act, participate, learn routines, feel, get excited… That’s why psychomotor development becomes a vital aspect of their daily life at the infant school.

For our pupils’ psychomotor development, at Agora Patufet Infant School we use an active, creative, and comprehensive methodology which makes our day-to-day life into an experiential environment in which the pupils learn competencies, skills, habits, and attitudes which facilitate their later adaptation to Primary Education. We educate through play and movement, with spaces for free play where they can express themselves and recognise their emotions and feelings. At Agora Patufet we don’t direct their learning: the children are the masters of their own path, discovering their environment, their own abilities, and their relationships with others and with themselves. Psychomotor development enables them to cultivate their perceptive capacity, to create and develop their body image, and express themselves through creative action and emotions.

Thanks to psychomotor development, the children establish the foundations of the entire educational process. In our infant school, the children will live through one of the most fundamental educational stages, which they’ll experience as active people who are the protagonists of their own development, people who are listened to, and whose potential is encouraged so that they can discover the world. Through psychomotor development we take into account the needs of every pupil and every age group, with activities adapted to each group and each child, to guide and accompany them in their personal and educational growth.

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