Musical Stimulation

One of the pillars of the educational project at Agora Patufet Infant School, and at all the schools which are part of the educational group Globeducate, is the integration of music into the pupils’ curriculum. We offer our little ones musical stimulation which enables them to begin with rhythm, melody, dance, singing, and the use of percussion instruments, in this way developing their emotional, social, cognitive, and bodily equilibrium. We awaken in them a musical sensibility which they can continue to enrich in later years, forming part of the Liceu Conservatoire orchestra and choir group with which Agora Sant Cugat International School is linked.

It is scientifically shown that musical stimulation from an early age cultivates, in human beings, a sensibility which leads them to live by solid ethics in adult life. Through music, children learn to develop strategies to work on concentration, attention, self-discipline, auditory discrimination, and teamwork. It improves their language and their auditory discrimination, in the same way as another language. These foundations will facilitate their study of other languages. Thanks to music, children can begin to express themselves in another way and integrate actively into society, since musical stimulation enables them to be autonomous and broaden their world of relationships.

At Agora Patufet Infant School we provide musical stimulation which offers pupils intellectual, auditory, sensory, communicative, and motor development. Through auditions, instruments, games, studying musicians each month, and more, the children take their first steps in the world of rhythm, dance, singing, and instruments, establishing the foundations so that in their future music education at Agora Sant Cugat International School they can begin to play an instrument.

Throughout their time at the infant school the children will learn to:

  • Improve their memory, attention and concentration.
  • Communicate through body language.
  • Improve their language and auditory discrimination.
  • Interact with their classmates and teachers.
  • Stimulate their imagination and creativity.
  • Establish routines, creating associations between music and activities.

Musical stimulation plays an important role in daily life at our infant school!


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