Emotion Management

At Agora Patufet Infant School we love to learn through emotion management! The little ones learn to recognise their emotions and those of others, to identify them, and to manage them in a natural way. Our teachers will encourage their self-esteem, empathy, and other social skills, making the children feel loved and valued at all times, promoting self-control, and helping them to face the challenges of life. The objective of emotion management is for the children to recognise their own feelings as well as those of others, and for them to learn how to handle them.

During the first few years of life, the little ones have high neuroplasticity, and that’s why experience and learning become incredibly important aspects for successful cognitive and affective development, in this way taking a comprehensive view of the child: taking into account the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social aspects. The latest studies confirm that the success of a person is associated with appropriate emotional development, one reason why it’s essential for children to start developing this ability to manage emotions at an early age. An education which enables the children to correctly identify, express, and manage their emotions, and incorporate resources that they will experience in daily life.

Emotion management enables our pupils to have confidence in their abilities; to create and maintain satisfactory relationships; to communicate their needs and what they feel or think, considering the feelings of others; to be motivated to explore and face new challenges; to have the resources to provide solutions to conflicts, etc. which are all aspects which positively influence learning that will last them a lifetime.

Childhood is the best time to learn, and emotion management becomes a fundamental aspect since it encourages the development of rational, logical, and creative thinking. This control over emotions, therefore, is vital so that the children adapt, communicate, and learn how to act in society. Thanks to their emotions the children will learn to be empathetic and even to overcome the greatest challenges they’ll face in life. Through games, stories, and other activities, they’ll learn that there are no good and bad emotions if they know how to identify and manage them.

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