Childhood Creativity

At Agora Patufet Infant School, each child is the creator and protagonist of their own learning. We encourage and stimulate childhood creativity as something which will make them unique. Through different fun activities: symbolic games, experimentation, art, music, psychomotricity, etc. the little ones can express their ideas and emotions, developing abstract thought and using original strategies to resolve any difficulties faced in life. The creative child will be alive within them forever. We encourage sensibility and experimentation. Through the stimulation of this childhood creativity, the children learn to express themselves and think strategically to find solutions to the problems they face each day.

Childhood creativity is a key aspect in helping children to develop their abilities, since through imagination they can face the different challenges posed by life. Through activities such as games, music, art, and stories they learn to develop their creative side. Childhood creativity is also an aspect which can help the children to be more entrepreneurial in the future, since it is a capacity which enhances self-expression and the development of abstract thought, and helps them to solve problems and construct better relationships throughout their lives.

At our infant school we want our pupils to be capable of thinking for themselves and generating new creative ideas through the stimulation of childhood creativity.

How is this beneficial for children?

  • It enables them to generate different and personal ideas, make mistakes, and innovate.
  • It promotes freedom of expression.
  • It facilitates experimenting with what is being learnt.
  • It encourages teamwork, since ideas are share.
  • It enriches thought, listening, and tolerating other opinions.
  • It enables all classmates to search for a solution together.

These are some of the benefits of childhood creativity, but we must remember that all children are born creative, we just have to know how to develop and boost their creative qualities!


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