Through the educational stages at Agora Patufet Infant School, which range from 0 to 5 years old, we construct the basis of all intellectual learning, and establish the foundations of later academic and personal success. Though we learn throughout our lives, this is the stage when everything begins to make sense. This is why the work of our teachers, who transmit their passion for learning to the children every day, is so important.

Infant Education is, undoubtedly, the most important stage in the children’s development. This is the stage in which the foundations for the entire educational process are established. Our educational stages enable the children to become active people who are the protagonists of their own development, people who are listened to and whose potential is encouraged so that they can discover their world, always under the watchful eye of the great professionals who ensure their learning, help them to develop their abilities, and provide gestures of care, love, and understanding.

Our educational stages take place at an investigative, active, and creative school where every pupil is the true protagonist of their learning!

First Infant Education Cycle

In the first cycle of Infant Education, we work particularly on the development of communicative and motor skills, the stimulation of the senses, taking care of basic needs, and the development of autonomy and routines.

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Second Infant Education Cycle

From the second cycle of Infant Education onwards, we introduce full immersion in the English language, beginning the trilingual programme (English, Catalan and Spanish), and preparing the path to internationalisation.

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